035: War on the Internet


Today’s episode opens up with a rant by Matt and Chris on people who insist on showing you an endless amount of mediocre Internet video clips.  We then go into a discussion on whether we think kids are actually more lazy this generation or if their behavior is just a bi-product of the world inhabited by their parents.  Chris then decides to give his thoughts on Rayman Origins, his first impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles, and we have a discussion on how companies like Media Blasters failed to realize that the fanbase of anime has completely changed over the last decade, and how nearly all companies have fallen behind despite the rising popularity in anime conventions.  We then move on to discussion regarding Chris’ failure as a League of Legends player and then hit up the Q&A where we talk about things like our favorite PSP games, our favorite music, our favorite novels, and more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. supermegaguy666 on

    One of the better episodes in recent weeks, good job I guess. Its been a while but I’ll cut the Bullcrap and get to the questions.

    1. With the recent shitstorm of sopa and protect IP or whatever, do you think there is going to be tighter security on the internet in general? You may not have heard, but One of the most visited sites, Megaupload, was taken down
    today. If one of the most popular sites can get taken down just like that, where do you see this going?

    2. With all this League of Legends talk, would you ever consider making an endless SoS team? If so, then sign me up because this game does indeed kick ass.

  2. supermegaguy666 on

    Okay, since my first question ended up being an incoherent mess, I’ll put it like this. Regardless of Sopa and protect IP, how do you think illegal actions on the internet will be handled in the future?

  3. ZigTheHunter (Cole) on

    A lot to comment on here. first off I’m glad you mentioned both Megaman Remakes as must owns for the system they are both fantastic remakes and games in general.

    Second I liked the Sonic rpg, it had its charm and had a unique gameplay system; its not perfect by any means, the graphics were a little ugly, the music wasn’t all that great(from a franchise known for having great music, even the crappy ones have good music) and some of the commands were awkward and some would completely fail if you miss even one little touch screen prompt.

    Third you didn’t really answer all of my first question, I also asked if you hadn’t played the Valkyrie Profile series, that if you would ever want to in the future. mostly in Matt’s case, since Chris has played the first one. And there was another part that you didn’t read where I recommended Covenant of the Plume to Chris due to its similarity to FF tactics, so I was a little confused to whether he had already knew about it or looked into because of my recommendation.


    hehe thanks for the mention guys, playing with you is a ton of fun! League is one of those games that takes a while to get good at since it’s all about being at the right place and knowing what exactly has to be done. But once you get to that level the fun really begins. And while I’m here I might as well post a question so:

    What are the things that you enjoy following from day to day? (ex. fandom, podcasts, news, media creation)

  5. BurningWhiteWolf121 on

    Hey guys cool episode its been a while since I commented on site. On to Questions!

    1. What do you think is an ideal first date location?
    2. Your thoughts on this new megaupload/acta thing?
    3. Papa John’s, Domino’s, or Pizza Hut?
    4. If Xenoblade is a hit in the US (it probably will be) could we possibly see more serious games on the Wii U?

    And I’d love to see another college episode!

  6. Christian Stridiron on

    Ha it’s good to know Caleb didn’t die.


    1. Do you guys think there should be another game in the CHRONO series?
    2.What do you think of Rick perry. I think he is 1@&$ing stupid.
    3. There is a rumored sonic game for the wii u called Sonic Dimensions. Have you heard of it?

  7. Great show guys, I’m loving the content you guys are putting up, hope you guys continue the controversy with Words With Nerds. Here are my questions…

    I’m currently 15 and I’ve never been out on a date with a girl, nor have I had a girlfriend. But I’m not socially awkward, if fact I have a ton of friends and I converse with people whenever I can. My questions are, when was the first time you guys had a girlfriend? When was your first date as well as your first kiss. Please elaborate on these as well, like age, how the date was, etc. Make us feel as if we were there, it’ll make for some fun radio!

    -That you for your time, VK.

  8. What is the best cosplay or at least one of the most memorable you’ve ever seen?

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