059: Rabbit Punch


Long time friend Nate and later Rabbit join Chris on this episode where they start off talking about some movies coming out as well as their thoughts on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  There are some really stupid remakes coming out soon.  Nate also talks about his sky-diving adventure before we hit up the Q&A.  We talk about sexism in media, why guys enjoy playing female characters, our favorite RPG’s, Western vs. Eastern art, RPG storylines, Tales of Vesperia, and much more.  Rabbit then talks about owning a rabbit and his experiences and take on being a public school teacher.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. Christian Stridiron on

    This is one of my favorite episodes!!
    it was really interesting to hear about rabbit being a rabbit!!
    onto questions!!

    1.What do you think about people who brag, and end up not being so great as they make you think?
    2.I recognize that you guys used to work at a card store! I am a competitive Pokemon TCG player. Do you guys now anything about the game? What experiences do you have with it working in the card store?
    3.Do you think JRPGs are a little dated? While I personally love games like the tales games and my fav game ever which is FF7, if you think about it they always follow similar themes.

    Chris better play tales of vesperia!!

  2. VeteranTrainer on

    What do you think people want in sequels to games?
    What makes sequels like Tales of Symphonia 2 and Chrono Cross dissapointing and what was the
    expectation with RPG’s compared to other genres?

  3. Optimus Prim3ape on

    Excuse me, pardon my ass if I’m wrong, but aren’t these podcasts supposed to be entertaining? Tell ur Nathan friend that if he ever thinks about not reading my whole comment again, I’ll go APESHIT on his ass. He’s not allowed on my podcast anymore.

    Anywho, I’m sitting here watching UFC 148 so I’m pumped up doobys noobies and bobbys, so here comes the good stuff, I’m really bringing the heat tonight.

    1. The 3DS hasn’t had the best first year in my opinion, but its had a few good titles. Which would you say is its best Exclusive?
    2. I’m starting my college career this coming august and since Krystal and Janine will be on this episode, I would like to hear their opinions on how to make a good start and make a good impression on people at college. Also, other then not living at home anymore, what are the major differences between high school and college? (Mostly in terms of workload, studying, and people)

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