081: House of Lies


Gary joins Matt and Chris for an insanely offensive time.  Gary also debuts his new segment!

  • Matt gets banned once again from League of Legends.
  • Matt gives his manipulative love advice.
  • Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion discussion.
  • What we’ve been watching and playing.
  • Dragon Ball Absalon discussion.
  • Anniversaries and Birthdays with Gary.
  • The origins of Mega Man discussion.
  • The story of Chris almost burning down the house.
  • Are female main characters in games often sexist.
  • Can you make it big in the game industry?

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  1. VeteranTrainer on

    I actualy really enjoyed the episode,I’m not that easily offended like 90% of the world and glad that Gary showed up again,although I miss Janine and her talk of indie games.

    Should you propose to a girl in public?It might be romantic and crap,but you would be putting the girl on the spot and she would feel obligated to
    say yes due to not wanting to look like a bitch in front of others.

    And do you have any advice for credit cards in general?

  2. Supermegeguy666 on

    Assuming you’ve seen the trailer, What’s your opinion on megaman vs. Streetfighter?

    What are your general opinions on conspiracy theories? Are you closed minded and rule all conspiracy theories out or do you look at them as a definite possibility?

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