101: Getting Smashed with #GamerGate

  • smashwiiuWhat is #GamerGate and why we should care.
  • Just who the heck are Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian?
  • YouTube social cliques and trying to break in.
  • Profiting off of controversy no matter what side you’re on.
  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U Review.
  • Playstation TV Review – Play Vita games on the TV.
  • Are videogames going to ruin Matt’s kids?
  • Chris’s take on Sonic Lost World.
  • How’s the PS4 and Xbox One doing?
  • Moving out of your parents’ house.
  • Matt’s take on Video Game High School.

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  1. I respect Matt although I think he’s wrong about GamerGate. With the Zoe Quinn thing for instance, it wasn’t “he said, she said” it was proven that she had a relationship with Nathan Grayson of Kotaku. Though I can appreciate what a clusterfuck it is and how it’s difficult to find out just what exactly GamerGate is about if looking at it from the outside. Aside from that Chris basically has it right.

  2. Also, why is Squirtle the Endless SOS icon? It’s been bugging me for ages.

  3. kbaconstrips on

    What American Cartoons do you like? I know Matt likes Adventure Time. Recently I’ve been enjoying Steven Universe and Mike Tyson Murder Mysteries.

  4. Squirtle was just a stand-in but he’s been REMOVED for good because he’s an asshole. The icon is now the SOS Blob who still doesn’t have a proper name.

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