051: Frustrating Incompetency


Krystal finally rejoins the show where she talks to Chris about everything she’s been up to lately. She’s full of rants where she goes on about the bitch that messed up her cosplay outfit as well as the incompetent staff at Anime Central.  We ponder just why is it that we seem to know how to do other peoples’ jobs better than them.  We also mention Elder Scrolls Online and talk about surprisingly good anime, virtual reality gaming, boobs, and more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. kbaconstrips on

    Hey Chris, in an earlier episode of the podcast you referenced Kinnikuman, the superhuman wrestler. Have you completed viewing the series? If so, what are your thoughts on the characters, battles, and story arcs?

  2. A bro in need on

    K guys I’m kinda in a crisis here. I’m a senior and will graduate in about a month, and probably won’t see most of the people from my school ever again. The problem is, there is this chick I really like who I’m sorta friends with at the moment who I really wanna get with some time before we all go to college. The other problem is that she has a boyfriend. So basically, my question is how the hell do I get close enough before school ends to this chick so that we’ll hang out and shit over the summer in hopes that they’ll break up.

    I need tips, Matt, you seem intrusive, you’ll probably be good at this

  3. Hey guys, what came first the social impotence or the addiction to Anime/WoW/D&D/Whatever?

    As of late I have been frustrated with kids that are completely obsessed with *insert nerdom* and fail to take care of themselves physically or mentally. These poor unfortunate souls that completely fail to relate or form bonds with other human beings. And their addictions are keeping people away for good.

    This one boy goes to highschool only talks about the show Bleach. Literally. Even if I try to ask him about something else he will go back to the subject of Bleach, I’ll tell him that I’m not that into Bleach, and he will keep talking. He wants to draw manga, he can’t draw for shit, never practices.

    Another girl I know only wants to talk about yaoi, with anyone, regardless if they even know what shes talking about, she has literally no filter what so ever and shouts out random Japanese words. (You can imagine how much the Asian kids hate her)

    I try to be a friend or at least friendly because I’m sure they must have serious problems in their life. But it’s so infuriating and they smell like old subway bedroom. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? DID ANIME STEAL THEIR SOULS?

  4. This is a little late but I thought Krystal was exceptionally good in this episode.

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