031: Final Fantasy VIII – IX Retrospective


Matt, Chris, and Gary begin the episode talking about the new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG videogame.  We talk about what we think of it, whether it has anything on World of Warcraft, and whether we even care about Star Wars at this point.  We then move into the main topic which is Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX, the last two Final Fantasy games of the Playstation era.  We talk about our thoughts and feelings as well as give an overview of the storylines.

After the deep Final Fantasy talk, we move on into the Q&A.  We talk about how our parents viewed the girls that we dated, and our thoughts on the 3DS ambassador GBA games.  We then talk about controlling parents as well as controlling parents of those we have dated with a few nice rants peppered in.


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  1. lol It’s true that I do plan on leaving the household. It’s also the only solution I could think of to really help my situation. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money at the moment, nor am I quite old enough to really move out as I am just going to be 19 years old in February. As for my question….

    What rpg game is a ‘must have’ for fans of the genre?

  2. ZigTheHunter (Cole) on

    Another great show, FF9 is indeed a very underrated game, for a FF game anyways, just being a FF game alone means more people have played then other obscure RPGs, also a mior correction you don’t fight Kuja at Burmecia you fight and lose to Beatrix the female general of Alexandria and then Kuja shows up.

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