030: Final Fantasy VII Retrospective


In this episode we begin talking about the very similar games that are coming out for the PC.  Is there really a reason to care about PC gaming if you aren’t into FPS’s, RTS’s, or MMORPG’s?  We then go into the main topic of Final Fantasy VII.  We talk about the story, the characters, the impact this game had, and how we feel about it all.  We also discuss Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, Advent Children, and Last Order.  We also briefly mention some games with Final Fantasy VII cameos including Ehrgeiz, Chocobo Racing, Final Fantasy Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, and Avalanche.

We then move into the Q&A where we start with whether we’re upset with the newest terms of service Microsoft, EA, and Sony.  Which is our favorite Mega Man series?  We then give advice on starting conversations with new people while at school.  Janine then joins the show to debate with Matt about Skyrim.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. facebook-profile-picture
    Hayatehiroyuki25 on

    Hey! Did you guys ever have any problems with your parents about the people that you guys have or are dating? Cause it seems like my parents are just a little too over-protective, acting like everyone i date has some horrible infectious disease.

  2. ZigTheHunter (Cole) on

    Oh wow that was a long one, but I was thoroughly entertained by Matt’s very in depth summary of Final Fantasy 7 and you said doing these summaries of games is what your thinking of using the youtube channel for, and I would like to see(or I guess hear) more of them.

    and for future reference I’ll leave my questions on the facebook page, and my thoughts on the episode on the website, although I rather like unintentionally making the episode longer.

  3. BurningWhiteWolf121 on

    Been awhile since I’ve posted on the site. Anyways this episode was a long and good one. I needed it.
    I also wanted to thank you guys for starting this podcast. helped me a lot with things. From choosing a game, to dealing with girls, to beating depression you guys have helped me. Thanks.

    Well questions!

    1. Your opinions on the Ambassador GBA games?

    2. Your methods for getting yourself out of those emotional ruts whether it be depression or laziness?

    Thanks again.


  4. Love hearing from you guys on this podcast! I was wondering what you think about controlling parents or a single controlling one?

  5. Christian Stridiron on

    I just listened to your FF7 retrospective podcast, and I love Matts passion for the game. I personally am only 14 and have watched NeverChris for about 2 years. I am happy I found this podcast and am happy I haven’t fallen into the COD band wagon just yet. Anyway, FF7 is the best RPG EVER!! Ten out of Ten from me. Ok, so my questions are:

    1) How good do you think Sonic Generations is compared to the classic sonic titles like Sonic CD and Sonic 3.

    2) Do you guys play any musical instruments?

    3) Did Caleb die?

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