069: Endlessly Inhibriated on Insanity


Chris, Janine, Krystal, and Jon (aka PrimeSonic) all gather together to talk about some of the latest game news as well as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, They Bleed Pixels, VVVVVV, and others.  Krystal talks about dating voice actor Chris Ayres and Chris eventually finds himself being a piss drunk idiot.  We also talk about G4 shutting down, whether the games we play reflect our personality, localizations in videogames, the deliciousness of bacon, and much more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. VeteranTrainer on

    I do agree with the whole 1st rpg discussion,I have a special place in my heart for Tales of Symphonia 2 for being my 1st non-pokemon rpg.

    Speaking of Symphonia,would you like to see more funny perverts in rpgs like Zelos?We have so many cliches with rpgs but this one seems to be underused.

    Did you want to buy something but couldn’t because the cover was racy and didn’t want to get weird looks from the cashier?
    I’m kinda having that problem with Catherine.

  2. Questions for you guys. I demand you answer them!

    Persona 4 came out only about a year or so after Persona 3. Do you think Persona 5 taking so much longer to come out is a bad sign?

    Are there any games you guys/gals play where you’d turn off the TV/minimise the game if someone comes in because you’re embarrassed?

    What’s the earliest game you remember playing?

  3. Vladimir (VK) on

    I know I usually write endless letters, but this time I’ll keep it short and simple!

    How does one find out that he or she is crushing on someone? I’ve been asking myself this for a few years, last year I came up with a mentality and it seemed to work. But I notice that it doesn’t work for all people. My mentality was that if I keep questioning myself about my feelings towards a female, then I obviously have a thing for her. So what do you guys think?

    Well, that ended up being longer than expected. Hell, I know you guys love this shit.


    Kinda. Anyways Chris I highly recommend you buy Rod of Ages on Fizz. Just saying.

    I’ve recently been looking around the internet and often times I stumble upon forums and videos where people claim that certain series or game is superior to the other, just because the majority opinion claim it to be. Say a series like Mario and Sonic or even Ocarina of Time in comparison to every other Legend of Zelda game. What do you think about hive mind opinions and the people who follow them?

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