040: Dragon Ball Z Retrospective


Krystal once again joins Matt and Chris as we start off the episode talking about the infamous “Facebook Parenting” video and the controversies surrounding it.  Chris questions at what point did it become acceptable by society for adults to start joining in on Internet drama bullshit with their children.  We then move onto the main topic of this episode which is Dragon Ball Z.  We break down the legendary series where Goku is now a man, new rivals appear, space adventures are had, and unsuspecting civilians get turned into candy.  Of course you can expect plenty ridiculous comments, as per usual.  Also in the episode we talk about some new releases such as Asura’s Wrath and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater on the 3DS.  We also talk about our favorite main and non-main series Pokemon games, some guys called The Creatures on YouTube, Kingdom Hearts, and a bunch more.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl1ujzRidmU – Guy punishes daughter by shooting laptop.

http://weshadows.com – Krystal recommends you read this comic by Sonny Strait.


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  1. Chris about that metroidvania have you ever played a game called shante its on the ds its by a game wayforword its good but its really backtracky

  2. First off, Voltage is actually the best, followed by regular which ties with Whiteout. Anyway, good episode I guess but I prefer Dragonball to Z. Anyway, questions……………

    1. Im gunna start going to subway more now, but their menu is confusing as hell and I always feel like an idiot when I take 15 minutes to figure out what I want. As a self proclaimed sandwich artist, which sandwiches would you suggest to a subway noob like me?

    2. What is your al time favorite movie?

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