078: Brought to You in HD


Chris, Matt, and Krystal come together to discuss horrible conventions, the continuation of Dragon Ball Kai, and more!

  • Krystal gets treated like shit by the YoumaCon staff.
  • Dragon Ball Kai brought back by funding of overseas companies including Funimation.
  • Dragon Ball Z “Battle of the Gods” movie discussion.
  • Top 10 games from last generation that Chris would like to see in an HD collection.
  • Community suggestions for games they would like to see in HD.
  • Matt falling asleep in the middle of recording last episode.
  • Dealing with parents that hate each other.
  • Creepy stories at Maid Cafes from Krystal.
  • Games that creep us out.

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  1. VeteranTrainer on

    I hope they keep alot of the comedic relief in the Buu saga,since most of Kai was really serious,and Dragon Ball is more than that.
    You guys are wrong about the movie villian,it’s Lucario.Think about it,Sean Schemmel vs Sean Schemmel,assuming this gets dubbed.

    Why haven’t they made a Jackie Chan game on a console?Just reskin Uncharted and Street Fighter somehow and it will work out.

    On that note,what celebrity deserves their own video game?It can be a FPS starring Dick Cheney or visual novel narrated by Morgan Freeman.Krystal can have her dating sim with Chris Ayres.

  2. So when are Matt and Chris getting married, and who will be the best man, Janine or Krystal?

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