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025: The Value of Self Expression
Matt and Chris discuss a date Chris went on where the woman bashed this podcast. We also talk about The Protomen, mosh pits, Skyrim, Cave Story 3D, Uncharted 3, what defines casual gamers, and people who get ahead through bitching and complaining.

024: The Top 7 Dragon Ball Videogames
Matt and Chris talk about the Dragon Ball series and each of our top 7 Dragon Ball videogames. We also talk about padded bras, Uncharted 3, Sonic Generations, Hunter X Hunter, Bakuman, and Phi Brain.

023: Digital Love in a Digital Cesspit
Chris and Skelly talk about the dreariness of dating online and how it’s gotten worse over the years. We also talk about Final Fantasy XIV, DJ Hero 2, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. We also talk about the current state of the major console companies at this point.

022: Comic Books and Conventions
Matt and Chris discuss comic books, conventions, and some of the latest videogames including Batman Arkham City, Skylanders, and Rocksmith. We also get into some deep relationship advice regarding when your partner claims to be bored.

021: Long Distance Relationships Suck
Jon (PrimeSonic) joins Matt and Chris to talk about crappy long distance relationships, pirating group IMAGiNE getting busted, Arrested Development, Felecia Day, 50/50, and Real Steel. We also talk about the downhill trend of television.

020: Jon’s Ridiculous Love life
Jon (PrimeSonic) decides to join Matt and Chris to give them an update on his love life and ask for advice. We then proceed to harass him instead. We also talk about going to school for art and the Hunter X Hunter reboot.

019: The X-Men are Useless
Matt and Chris discuss the frustrations in Matt’s life, some of the latest videogames, why the X-Men comics are unreadable, and what you should work on while in the midst of your high school career.

018: The Greatest People on the Net are Jerks
Matt and Chris talk about Matt’s stink problem, the idiocy of Capcom, whether the Wii was a flue, new Dragon Quest games, and the frustration we feel when people on the internet make really cool things but come off as complete jerks.

017: What if the Sun Explodes?
Matt and Chris talk about the struggles we’ll face when the sun finally decides to explode. We also talk about the movie Apollo 18 and a bunch of the latest videogames.

016: Style Over Substance
Matt and Chris tackle many different subjects where style is used over substance. We also talk about the impact of Howard Stern, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Another Earth, The Ward, Monster Tale, Rune Factory 3, and Persona 3.

015: Dragon Age Retrospective
Matt is joined by special guests Zac and Gary to discuss the entirety of the Dragon Age series. Matt and Chris also talk about the 3DS Chris just bought, 30 Minutes or Less, and a bunch of listener questions.

014: The Insanity of Life
Matt and Chris talk about the insanity of life and some very deep crap. We also talk about Catherine, Shadows of the Damned, videogame piracy, and Hunter X Hunter.

013: The Art and Science of Seduction
Matt and Chris discuss the book “The Game” which tells a story regarding seduction pickup artists. We go over our thoughts on whether its a scam as well as our reactions to community drama. We also talk about Capcom and what we dislike most about current games.

012: Super Mario Retrospective
Matt and Chris discuss the entirety of the Super Mario Bros. series. We also talk about maintaining physical health and previous podcast drama.

011: Nintendo Franchise Evaluation
Matt and Chris go over each of the major Nintendo franchises and talk about how they’re doing, whether we care about them anymore, and what they should do in the future. We also discuss Operation Rainfall.

010: Summer Movies and Dragon Ball
Matt and Chris make fun of horrible videogames and talk about some summer movies including Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class. We also discuss what’s currently going on with the Dragon Ball franchise and the oddities of the creator Akira Toriyama.

009: Convention Culture
Matt and Chris are joined by Kyle James (AkewsticRockR) to talk about the culture of people at anime conventions. We also discuss our thoughts on 2011 E3.

008: Addressing the State of YouTube
Matt and Chris are joined by Kyle James (AkewsticRockR) and Jon (PrimeSonic) to discuss the current state of YouTube and how the community of amateur video makers has evolved or devolved.

007: Kingdom Hearts Overview
Matt, Chris, and Kaleb discuss the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series.

006: How We’ve Grown Over the Years
Matt, Chris, Kaleb, and Janine discuss bullying, fighting, immorality we faced when we were younger, and reflect on how we’ve grown. We also talk about the movies Hannah and Scream 4.

005: Our Favorite Stories of Survival
Matt, Chris, Kaleb, and Z discuss their favorite stories in games, movies, and anime that deal with characters that need to work together in order to survive. We also talk about Thor and recent Marvel movies.

004: Sonic the Hedgehog Overview
Matt, Chris, and Kaleb are joined by Jon (aka PrimeSonic) to discuss the entirety of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

003: Do We Hide Who We Are?
Matt, Chris, Kaleb, and Bret discuss how they let their nerd interests influence their dating life and how often we may or may not hide what we’re into.

002: A Legend of Zelda Overview
Matt, Chris, and Z get ready for the upcoming Skyward Sword release by going over the entirety of the Legend of Zelda series. We also talk about recent Metroid games and TokyoPop closing their doors.

001: The Most Epic of Beginnings
Matt, Chris, Kaleb, and Bret talk about videogames both improved and harmed our lives as well as what might be holding back the Japanese media industries.


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