116: Krystal LaPorte returns! Voice Actress! Lawyer! Cat-dragon!


Matt, Chris, Janine, and our old friend Krystal LaPorte rejoins the fray in this episode! She’s done some voice acting work, almost done with lawyer school, and has a crap load of stuff to catch up with on!

Start: Catching up with Krystal!
(12:43) WARNING: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F spoilers for the entire movie… seriously, if you don’t want the entire movie spoiled just skip past this part.
(38:10) More catchup with Krystal!
(54:19) Q&A!
I forget where but Chris Ayers popped in to say hi!


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  1. Hey guys just wanted to say great episode. My question is what do you think is more intresting the DC or Marvel universe and what would make for better movies

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