097: Potato Salad Will Kick Away Your Shovel


Amanda, Chris, and Matt have been up to no good! Okay, well, actually they’re all doing very well. Except Amanda. She’s going crazy with GTA5.

  • Chris is losing weight! Let’s cheer him on!
  • Matt has started Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends streaming!
  • Matt built some awesome, large castles for his kids for a birthday gift out of soda boxes!
  • Amanda’s being driven insane by Grand Theft Auto V!
  • A new Harry Potter story that you can find here: https://www.pottermore.com/en-us/#
  • Shovel Knight is on our list of things to play but here’s our initial take!
  • News and a new kickstarter for extra content for Mighty No. 9 has the boys nervous about the game!
  • Potato Salad kickstarter… why on earth are we even covering this…

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Matt has a vast love for online gaming, working on videos, and sharing his creations with the world. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS.

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  1. How about we all donate X number of dollars to Endless SOS for every pound Chris loses?

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