096: Taking Customer Service Out to Dinner


Chris and Amanda actually have funny, interesting things to say while Matt rants endlessly about adult things!

  • Matt rants about Time Warner’s terrible service and AT&T’s ridiculous price gouging methods
  • T-Mobile was caught by the Federal Trade Commission in stealing millions of dollars from customers
  • Is Chris really getting tired of the Tales Of series?!
  • The trio (finally… geez) talk about some of their musical tastes
  • Opinions on various games and series
  • Larry the Penguin joins the show for some excellent commentary

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Matt has a vast love for online gaming, working on videos, and sharing his creations with the world. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS.


  1. Gooch_Suplex_Hold on

    Chris should catfish some gay guy for our entertainment. Please?!

  2. Gooch_Suplex_Hold on

    Oh Matt, the old man yell in front of the American flag, is the “Fuck her right in the pussy” guy.

    Randomness: If I was a creepy guy, I would call Janine my little strawberry shortcake.

  3. I have had ENOUGH of this disrespect. Not only do you refuse to acknowledge any of my comments but you also slander my name AND threaten me by sharing my IP address with world? This is blasphemous.

    Also, I do not like balls in any way shape or form and I would NEVER disrespect the good lord by “knowing” any other man.

  4. Gooch_Suplex_Hold on

    @Bryon How come when I click on your name it takes me to a site called Pimpcity.org?

  5. Not Ian Morales on

    How do you help people who can’t take criticism very well, also how do you learn to take criticism well

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