095: Heroes of the Storm


Matt, Chris, and Amanda get together and answer all your deep, meaningful questions about the universe!

  • Matt got a special invite to the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha!
  • Tons of Q&A given proper time to discuss!
  • Scientists did some time travel stuff with photons!
  • Would Pokemon have been better if dubbed by Funimation or Bandai?
  • Is teleportation morally acceptable?
  • Amanda’s secret crush on her teacher’s aide!

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Matt has a vast love for online gaming, working on videos, and sharing his creations with the world. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS.


  1. Amanda is cool, I hope she’s on again. Also props to her for bringing up male victims of sexual assault/rape, who frequently get ignored.

    On Anita Sarkeesian – I don’t really like her either, but I’m really bored of the whole thing. She’s old news at this point, it’s time to move on.

    Is Chris hyped for Persona 5? We still don’t have much info, but hopefully it’s as cool as the last two.

    Also there’s a crazy guy in the website comments telling Janine to “know her place.” Just FYI.

  2. Also, that’s what I get for posting a comment without listening to the whole podcast.

  3. kbaconstrips on

    Hate to be such a huge nerd here but Washington was not the second president. The articles of Confederation never had an executive branch so there is no way anyone could be president before him. There was a president of the Continental Congress under the articles but that isn’t the same as POTUS.

    Anyways, have you guys played Cloudbuilt? If you have, what are your thoughts on it?

  4. Yeah sorry, what I was rambling about were the presidents of congress. The colonies were ruled by that continental congress. But I was wrong there are like eight of them; Samuel Huntington was the first.

    George Washington was the first President under the proper Constitution of the united states, so therefore he is the first president of the united states, but he’s not the first president who was elected and served. Definitely not the same; but notable trivia.

  5. Byron McDonald Chesterson on

    I am shocked and appalled to see my well constructed points simply glossed over as some petty “troll attempt.”

    I hope you two and a half think long and hard over the disrespect you showed one of your listeners today. I will be expecting my argument to be addressed on the next episode, especially if BALLS AND WEINERS will be recording with you.

  6. @Byron
    Aww did they manage to troll you by not giving two shits about you? lol

    Anyways are you guys ever going to do that podcast on FFX or the Mega Man series? I’ve been playing thru Mega Man X lately and I can’t believe how well that game has aged!

  7. facebook-profile-picture
    Hayatehiroyuki on

    Loved seeing Amanda on the show, hopefully you guys could get more fans on the show when other cohosts are unavailable.

    So I don’t like asking questions on the website unless they are important and I absolutely want them to answer them, (though I believe I’m too late for this question to be answered). Here is my question now.

    My younger sister has the unfortunate blessing of being pretty and petite, and because she’s pretty she gets a lot of guys who hit on her. I really try to be a caring brother by not involving myself too much in her life but listening to when she needs someone to talk to. So she isn’t really a commitment person, I suppose? Since when she dates someone she does get romantic but she keeps things fairly non-serious (atleast to my knowledge). So she has talked about the guys that she has broken up with to me and NOTHING makes me more furious than when she tells me that her ex tells her “im so sad, I’m going to kill myself.” One of her ex’s, who was also one of my friends, did commit suicide. Even though it was about one year after they broke up and other stuff happened in his life, I believe that she blames herself a little for it. It has been roughly three years since then and she started dating another guy. After dating for a couple months, the guy started talking about “oh when we get married….blah de blah de blah….” So after awhile she said that she just wanted to take it easy and they recently broke up. When they broke up she told me that they broke up but the guy said that “ohh I’m so sad I’m going to kill myself.” While I don’t think this is exactly the reason they got back together, I feel like she might be a little scared and in a way… somewhat pity dating her boyfriend because he said that… I suppose my question is… What should I do to help her, because a lot of my feelings right now are basically speculation and from only what she has told me. I don’t want to butt in on her business too much but I absolutely want to beat the shit out of her boyfriend and just help her as much as I can. Should I just stay back and continue to listen to her when she talks to me or should I go ask her if she needs some help? I’m not really sure what I should do and maybe you guys could just give me a little insight and tell me your thoughts on people who lightly throw around the “I’m going to kill myself” when they get even a little depressed.

  8. Yo tell yo sister to hit me up Homie G nug. I’ll cheer her up and maybe find her some work too if ya know wut I mean brownie.

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