086: E3 2013 Massacre


megamanMatt and Chris go over the 2013 E3 Press Conferences as well as government spying programs.

  • Microsoft’s previous crippling DRM issues and their horrible PR.
  • Does anyone care about the Xbox One TV functionality?
  • Super Mario World 3D impressions.
  • Sonic Lost Worlds impressions.
  • Super Smash Bros. impressions and character announcements.
  • Killer Instinct impressions.
  • Tomb Raider thoughts and review.
  • Edward Snowden leaks government spying program PRISM.
  • Useless entertainment news on television.
  • Where the anime Bleach went wrong.

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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. Correcting you on a thing:
    The 3DS and Wii-U versions of Sonic Lost World, like All-Stars Racing Transformed, are the exact same game with little bits of exclusive content.
    The only real major differences are reduced resolution and polygon count. Other than that, they are exactly the same game.

    Great to see you guys back in action again. ^_^
    Love your wisdom and insight on this whole mess-load of topics.
    Sometimes you forget in the middle of all the gamer banter that you’ve guys have some real intelligence and wisdom. (Great for Wizards by the way)

    I’ll be looking forward to the next episode. ^_^

    Here, have a Q: Do you think there is real potential for Transgaming? (Different games that exist in a single “world” where the outcomes in one game impact things in another)
    Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiYuBrApdyY

  2. VeteranTrainer on

    Brofist through the internet!

    Glad to hear a new episode,I don’t mind that you guys take a break every now and then,but four months was a little much for me after you spoiled us with a new episode every week.

    I think that putting EndlessSOS clips on Youtube is a great way to promote this podcast,I started listening to you guys because you put up a clip of “The Dragon Ball Quiz?” and I thought it was hilarious and then my life changed from that point.

    As for my Q,what series of Hunter X Hunter should I watch?

    And is there an anime you want to see licensed in America?Like Dr.Slump considering the 5 movies are coming out?

  3. Rolling Thunder on

    Shaun again (but since Chris said it wasn’t very creative, I’ll use my old nickname, haha)!

    Great episode, and interesting political PSAs you guys gave there.

    2 Quick Qs:
    What do you guys think of The Postal Service? (the band…not the company)

    Did you ever check out games by “thatgamecompany”? (flOw; Flower; Journey) If so, thoughts?



    So, question time! Do you guys care about Metal Gear Solid, and if so do you have any thoughts on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V?

    Also, played any Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

  5. Supermegaguy666 on

    I’m the only Sean who gets to post comments on this podcast you buttmokey. You better get outta town

  6. Rolling Thunder on

    At least my spelling makes sense.

    Considering words like “bean, lean, mean…” Your name should be pronounced “Scene.”

    Whereas the phonemes in words like Gaul, gauntlet, and taunt all carry the same pronunciation as my name: Shaun.

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