085: Mithril for a Corpse


dmcMatt and Chris discuss the PS4 announcement, Devil May Cry, Dead Space 3, social issues, and more!

  • PlayStation 4 is officially announced.
  • DmC: Devil May Cry review.
  • Dead Space 3 review and ridiculous micro-transactions.
  • Sword Art Online review.
  • Matt goes over Pokemon X and Y starter choices
  • We talk about how greed and psychopaths are taking over the world.
  • More stories of Chris’s idiot brother.
  • United States ignores people with mental health needs.

About Author


Matt has a vast love for online gaming, working on videos, and sharing his creations with the world. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS.


  1. VeteranTrainer on

    Fire Emblem is loved because despite the graphical shortcomings,the story,as generic as it may seem from the outside,is pretty enjoyable and often touches on dark
    themes that any of the other Nintendo series cannot.
    Awakening is more accesible and prettier than your average Fire Emblem though,so that’s probably your best entry into the series.Now that I defended this GREAT game,on to the questions.

    Do you think video game music is good only after you played the game?

    And what anime genre you like to see deconstructed,like what Evangelion did for the Mecha genre or what Madoka Magica did for the Magical Girl genre?

  2. christian Stridiron on

    Holy cwappies guys!
    you where gone… and it sucked… but your back so its all good

    1.For chris, what was his main inspiration for making video reviews?

    2.If you can, what are some of your favorite animes ever and why? (for me probably be Magi, Blue Exorcist, Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood)

    3.I recently started up watching bleach and despite many people hating it, I actually think it is by far the best of the big three. What do you think of the first couple arcs of bleach?

  3. Chris, what is your favorite Shin Megami Tensei game? Me it’s the first Digital Devil Saga game. The atmosphere and the crazy cyberpunk/Hindu aesthetic of that game are amazing. Also, since you’re a fan of hardcore J-RPGs, you should try Wizardry Online. It’s one of the best game I’ve played in a long time.

  4. You guys had me scared there for a bit. I thought the Endless SOS had failed to live up to its name.

    I see that Chris owns a game called Fairy Bloom on Steam. Teehee! Chris likes fairies!

  5. VeteranTrainer on

    I just wanted to let you guys know that this podcast really helped me out in terms of social skills and the like.While I’m still not as good as I want to be,I think I’m way less awkward than I used to be,now life seems a little less intimidating.

    It’s actually a little scary to think where I would’ve been socially if I didn’t listen to this podcast,so thanks again for the advice and entertainment.

    Everything I wrote so far sounds like a farewell,so just to let you guys know I’m not going anywhere,I shall end this by saying frazzleberry.Because that’s a thing now.

  6. So did the endless sos podcast end? Would love to hear about your opinions on the xbox one.

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