084: Matt and Chris Against the World


zoneoftheenders2Matt and Chris awake from their slumber to tell ridiculous tales from over the holidays and talk games.

  • Matt finds a way to start literally whoring himself for money.
  • Matt gets permanently banned from League of Legends.
  • Django Unchained discussion.
  • Nvidia’s Project Shield discussion.
  • Girls cut themselves for Justin Beiber on Twitter.
  • Goku vs. Superman.
  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection discussion.
  • The 3DS vs. Vita.
  • Anime we would recommend to non-anime watchers.

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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. VeteranTrainer on

    Glad you guys are back,it felt like forever ago since I heard a new episode but it was worth the wait.
    Maybe watching Code Geass and Death Note taught Matt how to handle those kinds of situations with people,either way,I want to hear the end of that relationship story,I’m curious how you’ll handle the inevitable Skype call.

    Anyway Matt,you said that you typically chose the female characters in games,so does this also apply to the Pokemon games?

    And seeing as I recently heard the Battle of Gods’ version of Head-Cha-La,do you think autotune is driving music into the ground as some people are suggesting?

  2. Holy shit, I think Matt has stumbled onto the perfect scam. You guys need to keep us updated on his progress. At least until he scams the wrong person and gets murdered, anyway.

  3. Christian Stridiron on

    Re watching naruto? My brother decided to do that… it was a dumb idea…well anywayyy

    1.You guys probably are gonna talk about it, but which starter do you guys like from pokemon X and Y?

    2.I want Z back on the show!! i loved laughing at her!! ..justsaying

    3.It looks like nothing is coming out of the metroid series as of now. What do we wanna see IF we get another metroid game? Something like other M, Or prime, or maybe a new game play style altogether?

  4. Supermegaguy666 on

    Uh… normally I would high five someone for pretending to be a chick and getting money from dudes online, but the way you described it, I actually kinda feel bad for the guy. If you’re not careful you’re gunna end up on an episode of Catfish.

    1. Top 10 games of 2012? Go.
    2. Fire Emblem Awakening is coming out soon and I’m super pumped, what are your thoughts?

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