082: Introversion vs. Extroversion


Matt pulls himself away from League of Legends long enough to have a very thoughtful podcast with Chris.

  • Discussion on the values of being an introvert vs. being an extrovert.
  • How being an introvert may not be so bad after all.
  • Matt’s lack of self-control when ranging on the Internet.
  • How there’s no answer to the economic crisis.
  • Adventure Time on 3DS discussion.
  • Mega Man x Street Fighter discussion.
  • Bizarre traditions still held in society.
  • Do aliens exist?
  • The story of Matt spraying himself with mace.
  • The story of Matt’s boil in his ass.
  • The value of the videogame parental ratings.

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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. VeteranTrainer on

    I’m confused on what the hell I am on the extrovert/introvert thing,so I just call myself socially awkward with some self awareness and enjoys talking with people,just not all the time.

    Why does anime often have awkward moaning?When a Sailor Moon villian makes those sounds as she plays twister, something’s wrong with the world.

    And did you ever see some success with pick up lines?And why do they even exist?

  2. 1. What is your favorite pokemon and why?
    2. what is your least favorite pokemon and why?
    3. What pokemon needs an evolution?
    4. Are there any champions that you think should be omitted from League of Legends? Why?

  3. kbaconstrips on

    Do you think high school students care too much about sex? I ask because some guys in my school how many veins I have in my penis. Do you think people who use “no homo” as an excuse for saying something gay are annoying?

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