066: Stop Hitting on my Co-Host, Jon


Jon (aka PrimeSonic) joins Chris and Janine to rant long and hard on pony news.  We also talk about Sonic Generations hacks, Chris’ hands-on impressions with the Playstation Vita, Doom 2, Dragon Ball Heroes, Digimon Adventure, and more.  We then move into the Q&A to discuss topics such as why Dragon Ball has managed to stay relevant, Steam, racial stereotypes in media, acceptability of hardcore gaming, why Scott Pilgrim wasn’t more popular, eSports, and much more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. Christian Stridiron on

    Hey guys!
    Great to see Jon back on the show!! He’s a awesome guy and I still one of my favorite ESOS co hosts!

    1.Since I am going vacation (Bahamas Atlantis) this Friday the 24th, what do you define as a truly satisfying vacation? Who would be there and what location would it be at?

    2.I’ve personally don’t really have a role model. Since my father always favored my older brother instead of me, I always just did what I thought and didn’t base my actions on anything else. My father seems to have ultimately overlooked my skill (Playing music on instruments)and only focused on my brothers main skills. Why do you think that is?

    3.My dad also doesn’t seem to have a liking to “nerdy stuff” and makes fun of it at every chance he gets. For example I will be talking to a friend about a awesome cosplay and shouts how dumb anime cons are.(that dis happen by the way). Do you think parents like my dad need to just shut the hell up?

    Again sorry for the long questions guys!! Hope they where good.

  2. Christian Stridiron on

    Sorry for the bad grammar also
    I typed it on a iPod touch XD

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