053: Sparking Omega


Matt, Chris and Janine start off the episode talking about Janine’s man issues and our thoughts on the upcoming E3 and what’s in store for games soon.  We then talk about Diablo 3, Dragon Ball Sparking Omega, Mario Party 9, a possible Star Fox/Metroid crossover, Sonic 4 Episode 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3.  We also go into the Pokemon anime series and Black and White 2, the revival of Toonami, the dangers of leaving North America, and more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. redmegaxiii on

    Matt there is a game called the dream machine butt bad news its a point and click adventure game

    Matt it sounds like you dislike point and click adventure games
    why ?

  2. ZigThehunter(Cole) on

    Well clearly this is the worst episode in ages due to lack of my questions, just kidding, but what was up with that anyways? You have had episodes go past 3 hours so why did you have to stop when you didn’t even make it to 2 hours.

  3. Optimus Prim3ape on

    Alright kids its that time again. You all know who this is by now, I’m what makes this podcast what it is kids. Lets get to the goodshit before I go bananas.

    1. Yo caleb, what made you want to come back to the internet

    2. How long do you think it will be before Caleb becomes Emo again and quits the internet. My guess is about three weeks.

  4. supermegaguy666 on

    1. MAtt when are you going to start playing LoL again?

    2. Why does Diablo 3 suck?

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