037: Convention Chaos


In this episode Matt and Chris recount stories from their visit to OhayoCon starting with a rant regarding a podcasting panel that we went to.  We also go into some of the other things we’ve seen and done including a Dragon Ball panel and the Live Action MMO event that we hold.  We also discuss whether the Muppets are indeed getting too liberal as per a Fox News program as well as the fat and old version of Mega Man making an appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken.  Chris then gives his first impressions on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and we talk about Soul Calibur V and NeverDead as well.  We then finally hit the Q&A where we talk about things like scaling difficulty in games, overcoming stuttering in speaking, whether Persona 3: The Answer is worth playing, and more.


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Chris is a media enthusiast and loves everything related to video games, video, audio, and literature. He is one half of the original team that founded the Endless SOS. Follow at @EndlessChris.


  1. ZigTheHunter (Cole) on

    I don’t have much to say about this episode, all I can think of is that Bad Box Art Megaman was actually Keiji Inafune’s idea way back before he even quit.

  2. I agree with Cole, this episode was kinda short and boring hope the next one that I am currently listening to is better.

    So I have a question here for you guys, how do you pursue a girl that you normally don’t or talk to that much. You see because I’m from Bulgaria and I moved to China I’m learning Chinese in an international school because I speak English as if I were a native speaker.

    The social group I belong to is kinda divided in two. Those of us who speak English perfectly and those who aren’t as good, who are usually asian kids who grew up in China, so they only speak Chinese. And this girl belongs to the latter half of our group.

    Any advice you can give me here for this particular situation and pursuing girl you don’t normally converse with in general.

    Thank you for your time, hope to see more guests on the show!

  3. Fun episode. Where’s the video of the convention you guys were talking about? I wanna see some cool cosplays with silly commentary cause I know Matt loves to vent whatever the heck he wants to 😀
    By the way the Endless SOS channel doesn’t seem to be getting much traffic right now. Chris you should finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 asap and make a review on it. I remember your most popular videos back on the old channel were mostly of popular, more mainstream media like video game reviews, Mario related rants, and the like. I’m liking your recent videos but I feel like they’re more geared towards the viewer base that is more devoted to following you rather than the typical Youtuber who just browses for meme videos. Just my two cents anyways. Oh yeah and did I mention that ranked sucks? x(

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